Thursday, February 02, 2012

Subversion for Oracle WebLogic workshop.


Now that the server is up and running, I want to enable my development environment to use it. I have installed on my workstation the 10g release of Workshop for Weblogic. You have two choices for this environment, Subclipse and Subversive. I decided on Subclipse for no other reason than it was listed first :)

Before we do anything with Workshop, I actually ran into a bug which limits the ability to install Subclipse via the "Software Updates" mechanism directly in the IDE. There is a workaround for this problem detailed below.

Comment out the com.* import lines in your %BEA_HOME%\wlportal_10.3\eclipse\features\com.bea.wlp_10.3.0\feature.xml, like this:

<import plugin="org.eclipse.core.runtime" version="3.3" match="compatible"/>
<import plugin="org.eclipse.ui" version="3.3" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.m7.nitrox" version="1.0.20" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.cmdline.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.common.feature" version="1.1.40" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.upgrade81.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.web.feature" version="1.0.20" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.wls.feature" version="1.1.30" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="com.bea.workshop.xmlbeans.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>

Then restart Workshop
Once you've done this follow these instructions to download and install the subversion client.
Start Workshop for WebLogic and go to "Help > Software Updates > Find and Install..." then select Search for new features to install. Click on New Remote Site and enter;
  • Name = subclipse 1.6
  • URL =
Once added, ensure that this site is the only one checked in the sites to include in the search and hit Finish. You will be presented with a tree to choose the components, I selected the following;

Agree to the licenses


Accept the optional component;


Finally hit finish to install everything. Note these are not signed packages so you'll need to agree also to install the unsigned components. At the end you'll be asked to restart Workshop.


Checkout test project from subversion in Workshop for WebLogic

Ok, nearly there. Now its time to checkout that test repository I created during the server setup.
In Workshop go to "File > New > Other" and in the resulting dialog find the SVN section and choose Checkout Projects from SVN.


Select Create a new repository location. It now asks for the URL to the server, remember this is in the format SVN://servername/respository my example is shown below. The client will attempt to connect after which you can select the URL to get to the Check Out As dialog.


The check out dialog now asks what you want to do with the project. If you want you can create a new project using the Workshop's wizard. However I just wanted to add a vanilla project so selected Check out as a project in the workspace, like below and hit Finish. It also warns me that i'm checking out the entire root which is fine for this test.


You will now have an empty project folder in Workshop. You can take a look at all the version control options now by right clicking on the project and selecting the Team menu. Here you have access to all the branching, merging etc features.