Thursday, April 05, 2012

BPEL - webservice call local optimization

Just as the EJB call optimization in WebLogic, in Oracle SOA Suite, the local call also can be optimized and this feature is called local optimization. When it is TRUE(by default it's TRUE), the invocation will bypasse the whole SOAP stack, and makes a direct java call to optimize the invocation from one composite to another composite within the same Weblogic (WLS) server or cluster of WLS servers.

Set local optimization to TRUE
In the SOA composite (composite.xml), add the following property to the reference service which is invoked in the composite.

    <property name="oracle.webservices.local.optimization">false</property>

In the JDeveloper, open the composite and click the reference service.

In the Reference tab, find the Binding Properties and click the green cross to add a new property.
In the popup window Create Property, select oracle.webservices.local.optimization from the dropdown list. Then set the value to true.

NOTE: When local optimization is TRUE, OWSM policies are bypassed and hence aren't executed.