Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oracle Fusion Metadata Repository

What does Oracle Fusion Metadata Reposity hold fro you?
Metadata Repository - contains metadata for Fusion Middleware Components (SOA, Webcenter, Identity Management). Repository could be Database-based or File-based, most components (Webcenter, SOA, OID…) require Database-based Repository.

How to create Database-based repository ?
RCU - Repository Creation Utility is the tool to create schema and load repository in existing database for Fusion Middleware components.

RCU creates default schema and load repository in default tablespaces. RCU provides flexibility to change schema or tablespace name. (Only exception to this is Oracle Internet Directory (OID) schema). You could load multiple repository (like Portal, webcenter, SOAINFRA) in single database. This interesting feature is you could load different version of same repository (like dev_soainfra, test_soainfra for DEV & Test instance.) in same database for multiple Fusion Middleware Instances.

How to run RCU?

RCU can be run in two modes - GUI (Graphical User Interface) & CLI (Command LineInterface). For Fusion Middleware 11g R1 (11.1.1.X) or higher , RCU can only load schema in Oracle Database (version and higher or and higher). It can be run locally (same machine with Database) or Remotely(Database is on remote machine).

RCU (Repository Creation Utility) can be run from $RCU_SOFTWARE/bin/ rcu (for Unix) or rcu.bat (for Windows) ; This will start RCU in GUI mode. For CLI mode use “rcu [-silent | -interactive] { }”.

RCU log is written to the RCU_SOFTWARE_DIR/ rcu/ log/ logdir./rcu.log.

There are various types of Repository:
  1. Metadata Services (MDS)
  2. Audit Services (IAU)
  3. Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
  4. Single Sign-On (SSO)
  5. SOA Infrastructure (SOAINFRA)
  6. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  7. User Messaging (ORASDPM)
  8. Oracle WebCenter (WEBCENTER)
  9. WebCenter Portlets (PORTLETS)
  10. Oracle Content Server (OCSERVER)
  11. Portal (PORTAL)
  12. Discoverer (DISCOVERER)
  13. Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
  14. Discussions (DISCUSSIONS)
  15. Wiki and Blog (WIKI)

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