Friday, March 11, 2011

Oracle SOA 11g domain issue in R1 PS2

Many weeks ago, I installed a virtual machine of Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 PS2. Recently, I got time to try it and I got many suprises in the starting of SOA domain.

1. The domain cannot be started and an error message was got : Could not locate enough heap memory.
Searched using google and somebody said the SUN JDK has issue to support large memory. I am not sure whether it is right or not totally as I never got such issue before as BEA WebLogic domain never reserve too much memory. I modified the PermMaxSize and it really solved the starting issue.

2. Got error message in the console after the server was started : Servlet container could not initialized.
Searched on the internet with Google and found it came from the application of Oracle and nothing wrong for the domain.

3. Got SQLException int the console
Searched again with Google and found it is related with the connection testing of datasource and will not affect anything.

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