Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Using Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool to merge Multiple BPEL Projects Into a Single Composite

(From http://blogs.oracle.com/kavinmehta/entry/using_oracle_soa_suite_command)

Most important benefit of using command line tool is the ability to merge multiple projects (BPEL, ESB) in to single composite.
Required ANT build files are located under
Since my machine has got both, i have used FMW_SOA_HOME as ORACLE_HOME
  • Set SOA Environment using soaversion.sh (.cmd) located under ORACLE_HOME/bin directory
  • Run the Ant project from ORACLE_HOME/bin directory, as follows:
ant -f ant-sca-upgrade.xml -Dsource sourceDir -Dtarget targetDir -DappName app_name
  • To combine multiple BPEL projects into a single composite, provide multiple source directories as part of the -Dsource property on the command line. Use colon (:) or a semicolon (;) as path separators. Also use double quotes to identify the multiple source directories to prevent Ant from parsing the input in an unexpected manner
ant -f ORACLE_HOME/bin/ant-sca-upgrade.xml -Dsource "sourceDir1:sourceDir2" -Dtarget targetDir -DappName app_name
This way you will see your multiple projects created under one composite

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