Thursday, April 25, 2013

Handle a transaction between OSB and SOA suite

Recently looked at how to handle a transaction between OSB and SOA suite. From all of document I found, the HTTP protocol can not support transaction however you set your service. If we want them to support transaction, we have to use direct binding.
In composite, we need to modify the reference to set <> .
For SOA-OSB, we should set the transport protocol to sb protocol of proxy service.
For OSB-SOA, we should set the transport protocol to soa-direct of business service.

For the features of SOA-Direct, see OSB-SOA Direct transport

For how to implement a global transaction, we can refer to Edwin blog.
Global Transactions and Quality of Service in OSB


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Sandeep Pachauri said...

Hi,I have a service which is atomic transaction, So when we are invoking atomic transactional service over proxy service, we are getting the error "Transaction context is required", As for same we added policy file of AT in business and proxy service but again we are getting same error.
please help me