Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Oracle SOA Suite Basic

In SOA suite, we must understand the follow concepts.

  • Adapter - used to connect resources
  • Mediator - Route and Transform
  • Rule Engine - Business Rules
  • BPEL Process - Orchestration
  • Human Workflow - Involve human beings
  • Security Framework - Policy-based security
  • BAM - Business Activity Monitor, visualization of process running

What is SCA?

SCA - Service Component Architecture, which is a specification backed by a growing number of leading industry vendors ( and being standardized at OASIS, the international open standards consortium . SCA is:
  • language-neutral
  • component model 
  • assembly model
SCA terminologies:
  • Composite: deployment unit
  • Service: entry-point into composite
  • Component: provides logic
  • Reference: refers to external services
  • Wire: connects services, components and references – no special semantic.
SOA Composite:
  • SOA composite is a standards-based deployment unit
  • Leverages the SCA assembly model
  • Can mix variety of components: Mediator, BPEL, Human Workflow, etc.

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