Monday, September 21, 2009

PrimeFaces UI 0.9.3 is released/IPhone App Development with JSF

UI Components 0.9.3 features the TouchFaces mobile UI kit, 5 new components, improved portlet support, enhanced datatable and various improvements.

* TouchFaces - UI Development kit for mobile devices mainly iphone
* New component : FileUpload (Reimplemented)
* New component : Tooltip (Reimplemented)
* New component : PickList
* New component : HotKey
* New component : Virtual Keyboard
* Easy row selection, ajax pagination, data filtering and lazy loading enhancements to DataTable
* Significantly improved portal support for JSR168 and JSR268 portlets.
* Pojo and Converter support for AutoComplete

TouchFaces is a new subproject of PrimeFaces targeting the mobile
devices mainly iphone. Applications created with TouchFaces have the native look and feel of an IPhone applications and still benefit from the Java/JSF infrastructure. In addition TouchFaces depends on the PrimeFaces UI so ajax is built-in.

There's a 10 minute getting started screencast available online.


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