Thursday, October 08, 2009

ICEfaces - the best JSF framework

ICEfaces has been supported by NetBeans IDE. It looks pretty good and ease the developer to develop web application visually.

ICEfaces 1.8.2 Released

ICEfaces 1.8.2 is an official release that includes over 160 fixes and improvements.

Notable changes include:

• All-new support for "cookieless" mode operation for synchronous ICEfaces applications (deployed to browsers with cookies disabled).
• Enhanced keyboard navigation for the menuBar, menuPopup, panelCollapsible, panelTabSet, and tree components.
• The panelTab component now supports an optional label facet for defining arbitrarily complex labels.
• Enhanced dataExporter: define which columns & rows to export, seamless operation with dataPaginator, portlet support, and improved robustness.
• Improved panelTooltip: smarter positioning, mouse tracking, and customizable display event triggers (hover, click, etc.).
• Support for nested modal panelPopups.
• The inputFile component now supports optional "autoUpload" mode.
• The graphicImage component now supports all ICEfaces Resource APIs for specifying image resources.
• The outputResource component now has improved special character support for resource file-names.
• Rendering performance optimizations have been made to the dataTable, panelGroup, panelSeries, and menuBar components.
• Updated Component Showcase sample application illustrating new component capabilities.

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