Friday, June 08, 2012

OSB - Upgrade ALSB to OSB

1. XPath namespace prefixes
  <soapenv:Body xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="">
   <urn:HouseNumber > 100</urn:HouseNumber>
    . . .
ALSB: select the ‘HouseNumber’ by XPath expression

‘ns1′ is defined to be the correct namespace value “”

OSB: When using very complex XSDs this is not garanteed to work in OSB!

Work Around: Ignore the namespace and use the local-name() function in an XPath expression


2. XSLT validation in Workspace Studio
XSLT runtime prcessor:

  • ALSB - Xalan XSLT processor
  • OSB   - Saxon XSLT processor (Imports are no longer supported in Saxon.)

In OEPE, the XSLT file validated without any error, thus it still support imports. But the error occurre at runtime.

The webservice client upgraded from JAXRPC to JAXWS may not work properly.


Upgrading ALSB services to OSB(

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